International Group Clubs - Deductibles 2012/2013


Changes to Deductibles

American Club

No specific general increase in deductibles has been announced, although each Member may be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Britannia Club

Cargo Claims USD7,500, Crew Claims USD1,500, all other Claims USD3,000.

Gard Club

The standard deductibles will remain unchanged.

Japan Club

The standard deductibles will remain unchanged.

London Club

Deductibles below $15,000 to be increased by $2,000.

North of England Club

Deductibles currently below USD25,000 to be increased by USD1,000.

Shipowners Mutual Club

Remains unchanged.

Skuld Club

Remains unchanged.

Standard Club

Deductibles up to and including USD10,000 increased by USD1,000.
Deductibles over USD10,000 to be increased by 5%.

Steamship Mutual Club

Deductibles increased to a minimum of USD5,000, and by USD1,000 for deductibles below USD25,000.

Swedish Club

Deductibles in respect of Cargo and Crew Claims are to be increased by USD1,000.

UK Club

The standard deductibles will be increased to $6,000 any claim per event, including fees and expenses, for the 2012 policy year (or the dollar equivalent in other currencies).
Members will still be able to elect for different deductibles from the standard at an appropriate premium adjustment, but will be encouraged to agree to the standard as a minimum.

West of England Club

All deductibles of less than $20,000 including the deductibles in the Club's Rules (Rule 6) which are currently $5,000 will be increased by $1,000.